“Freediving is a lifestyle. Divers improve by training consistently, and it is between certification courses when a person internalizes progress and develops as a freediver”.
  • We have fixed a day that you can put in your calendar and dedicate it to a regular training;
  • You will have a set of exercises for each training. There will be different exercises suitable for all levels. There are at least 3 levels, so you will be able to challenge yourself every time;
  • Cozy, quiet facilities to host training activities and cover all freediving needs (Check yourself);
  • Main rule of freediving is “never freedive alone”, so you will always have a buddy;
  • Lifeguard is NOT a buddy! Remember that you need a dedicated and qualified buddy to do in;
  • Water apnea training in a pool (STA, DYN, DNF), there is no exception to this rule. Again, a lifeguard on duty DOES NOT qualify as a buddy.