“Freediving is a lifestyle. Divers improve by training consistently, and it is between certification courses when a person internalizes progress and develops as a freediver”.
  • We have fixed a day that you can put in your calendar and dedicate it to a regular training;
  • You will have a set of exercises for each training. There will be different exercises suitable for all levels. There are at least 3 levels, so you will be able to challenge yourself every time;
  • Cozy, quiet facilities to host training activities and cover all freediving needs;
  • Main rule of freediving is “never freedive alone”, so you will always have a buddy;
  • Lifeguard is NOT a buddy! Remember that you need a dedicated and qualified buddy to do in;

Experience depth weekends

We invite all certified freedivers to join us at Depth Weekends training. You can not only spend the weekend in the company of like-minded people and friends, but also get new impressions and improve your practical skills in deep freediving.

We always choose the best places to dive and guarantee the excellent organization of the whole event. We already have many completely satisfied clients who travel with us again and again and have already managed to become our good friends. After all, this is a great way to combine healthy workouts with a very pleasant pastime.

Diving to a depth of more than 50 meters take place every Friday and Saturday at East Coast. There will be a buoy, line, weight and drinking water available on the boat. Register now and you will get an unforgettable experience!