Molchanovs Aluminum A6063 Nose Clip

AED 350.00

With Molchanovs Aluminum A6063 Nose Clip you can have even more peace of mind during your dives. The improved shape, quality, and pads are stronger while still being lightweight.



Molchanovs Aluminum A6063 Nose Clip was designed with attention to the smallest details. It is made with an aerospace aluminum alloy and anodized with our signature colors to protect from corrosion.

The unique single cable attachment allows tighter compression of the sides and is 50% thinner. The rope holder and tightener secure on the neck so you will not have to worry about losing it.

The improved shape and quality fit around the contours of your nose whatever the shape and size. For added comfort and precision the central bar has no teeth, so the sides can be securely locked in any position. It’s lightweight and increased ergonomics make it almost invisible when in use.

This second generation of Molchanovs Aluminum A6063 Nose Clip will no doubt be used to set freediving world-records.

  • Clamps and strut are made of aerospace aluminum alloy (A6063)
  • Surface finished with a deep anodizing process (40-50 µm layer)
  • Felt pads connected by 3M glue (extra set of pads included)
  • Lightweight nylon weave cord


  • S / M – 23 x 45 x 29.5 mm (0.9 x 1.75 x 1.16”)
  • 16g (0.6 oz)