Who are We?

Freediving UAE was co-founded by Adel Abu Haliqa (UAE National Freediving Champion & AIDA Instructor) and Alex Boulting (AIDA Instructor Trainer) in 2009 and was the first and only company in the UAE specializing in courses and training in Freediving. Starting from 2019 Freediving UAE is solely owned and operated by Yuriy Rakhmatullin (AIDA, PADI, Apnea Academy and Molchanovs Instructor).

We are a professional community of freedivers who have a passion for passively exploring the underwater world.

We are working to get Freediving recognized in the UAE and create Freediving as popular activity.

In the future we aim to put the UAE on the international Freediving map by organizing a national team and running competitions locally. We feel that the UAE is a natural home of Freediving where pearls bought wealth to the region before oil.

Freediving UAE has also organized courses with international Freediving Champions and specialist trainers such as William Winram, Patrick Musim, Mike Maric, Emma Farrell, Goran Colak, Alexey Molchanov and Marina Kazankova. Under our affiliation with AIDA we will also be organizing Freediving records and competitions in the UAE.

Freediving in UAE

Our Vision

We are aiming to make UAE as the one of the main freediving destinations of the world. Freedivers all over the worlds can easily access UAE and enjoy freediving all year around.

Our Promise

At FreedivingUAE we don’t just instruct courses we show you how to become a good freediver and give ongoing support to all of our students.

This is creating a community of freedivers in the UAE who support each other.

Our promises to you are:

High levels of overall satisfaction.

We survey all of our students, who can give us anonymous feedback, after every course. So far we have a 100% satisfaction levels with all the courses we offer.

Ongoing student support.

If you don’t meet the requirements first time our instructors will dedicate some or their time on future trips to ensure you get qualified. That is why 94% of our students say they will definitely recommend us to others. We will also introduce you to our community so that you can train with someone in your area.

Meeting your individual needs.

At the beginning of all our courses we ask our students what their individual interests are in freediving and adapt our instructing accordingly. That is why 89% of our students are satisfied with our instructor’s understanding of their needs.

Offer great value for money.

We are the first specialized freediving instructor company in the Gulf. We have established a community of freedivers within the UAE who continue to train with us. We are also offer the most affordable courses in the region and our students have given us an 81% satisfaction rating in terms of value for money.