Introduction / Overview:

Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup is composed of a series of several competitions. During a period of one calendar year, freediving athletes compete in different individual events for a chance to own the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup Trophy of the Year and receive Prize.

The Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup follows the traditional format of freediving competitions carried out under the latest AIDA rules. Being the competition organized under AIDA rules, judged by Active AIDA International Judges, all the performances during Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup are always reflecting at AIDA official ranking.

The Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup will consist of a number of competitions “Meets”, staged by Freediving UAE under the recognition of AIDA UAE and staged each year on dates to be approved by Freediving UAE.

Meet Programme:

Each Meet shall be staged over 3-6 days with frequency of every 2-3 month 4 events in total.

Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup meets will consist of the following individual disciplines for join Men and Women starts:

  • STA - Static apnea
  • DNF - Dynamic apnea without fins
  • DYN - Dynamic apnea with fins
  • DYNB - Dynamic apnea with bifins
  • CNF - Constant weight without fins
  • CWT - Constant weight with fins
  • CWTB - Constant weight with bifins
  • FIM - Free immersion

A total of 4 pool individual disciplines and 4 depth individual disciplines.

Each meet may consist of Pool, Depth or all disciplines.

Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup guided by AIDA rules and follows a standard running order template including the same events programme and required ceremonies, so that all Meets can provide their individual running order in the same format.


In order to attend the competition all athletes should:

  1. Book relevant day of competition and make payment. Each day of the competition should be booked separately, as per the links provided above.
  2. Register for Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup on AIDA International website. Link provided in each individual event.
  3. Be 18 years of age or older, or 16 years of age or older with written parental consent.
  4. Be member of the AIDA National corresponding to his / her citizenship (passport) if this National exists (if not, athletes may register in AIDA UAE).
  5. Be in possession of a signed "medical certificate of non contraindications to freediving", written in English. The medical certificate cannot be older than one year. It can be in any form, but must be signed by a medical doctor and include contact information.
  6. Sign Lability Release and Assumption of Risk. I can be signed on the day.
  7. For AIDA depth disciplines each athlete must fill-in and sign the AIDA competition form, it is the athlete's responsibility to fill in this form according the truth.

Scoring & Prizes

In the concept of the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup, the single victory doesn’t count alone. The Overall winner of the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup, for men and for women, is the athlete with the highest overall points after completion of all the meets from the series, regardless of positions from any ranked competitor at each or any meet of the series.

The best performance in combination with achievements in different disciplines, not only among athletes of the same discipline but among all the athletes competing at the series, can be a winning tactic to gain the maximum number of points. (e.g., an athlete with good performance in Depth can win over an athlete competing in Dynamic).

There is no limit to the number of individual disciplines each athlete can compete per meet.

A ranking shall be established per gender and disciplines.

Overall Scoring per disciplines

Overall Ranking will be defined based on the position of the athletes after completion of the series. The scoring and respective ranking is calculated based on the results from all the meets completed by an athlete. Firsts male athletes and the female athletes in each discipline will receive medals and Prizes.

Overall Winners

The Overall winners (highest-ranked male and highest-ranked female) will be decided upon conclusion of all the Meets of Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup by adding all Meet Scorings of the participants. The male athlete and the female athlete finishing first of the Overall Scoring shall be declared Winners of the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup and own the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup Trophy of the Year and receive Prizes.

Additional Awards/Prizes

Organizers of Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup may offer additional Awards and prizes.

Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup 2023

The 2023 Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup showcased exceptional freediving skills. Athletes worldwide competed, setting new records and crowning champions who pushed their limits. Victorious athletes proudly stood on the podium, celebrating remarkable achievements in both pool and depth categories. The prize pool exceeded AED 50,000, offering cutting-edge freediving equipment, memberships, packages, and sponsorships to boost winners' athletic careers.

Thrilling statistics emerged from the competition, with several athletes surpassing previous records, highlighting a year of intense training and dedication. The AIDA Cup once again proved to be a spectacular celebration of the human spirit's depth and endurance.

Check out winners, prizes and statistics from previous year Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup 2023

Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup 2024 Meets Schedule

Freediving UAE have selected following competitions as official Meets of 2024 series.

Apnea Pirates AIDA Pool Cup - March 2024

Dates: 26.03 - 31.03

Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup - June 2024

Dates: 04.06 - 09.06

Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup - September 2024
Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup - November 2024

Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup 2024 - June

Tuesday 04.06.2024 @ Hamdan Sports Complex

Thursday 06.06.2024 @ Hamdan Sports Complex

Saturday 08.06.2024 @ Deep Dive Dubai

Sunday 09.06.2024 @ Deep Dive Dubai


  • Athletes are allowed to compete in two disciplines per day. One start per discipline in entire competition

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