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2518 AED

AIDA Level III Freediving Course – Dubai

Interested in going deeper and improving your technique? This course goes into the theory of Freediving in more depth which will allow you to understand the physiology and techniques behind diving deeper. The course will help you improve your Freediving performance whilst advancing your safety and rescue skills.

May 13 - 18
Junior Program
Organized Trips
Storage option

To successfully complete the AIDA 3 star freediver course you will have to perform a 2 minute 45 second breathold, swim 55 m underwater with fins and dive to 24 meters in the open water.

The main differences between this course and the AIDA ** are:
• training for high CO2 tolerance (and low O2)
• longer breath holds and dynamic distances
• deeper diving - maximum 30m
• new equalising techniques
• free-falling
• more challenging rescues
• more detailed theory focusing on the physiology of depth diving
• and the 50m tow...!

Sunday 13th 6:00 PM 3 theory sessions Hamdan Sports Compex
Monday 14th 6:30 PM 2 pool sessions Hamdan Sports Compex
Friday 18th 7:30 AM 4 open water dives Dubai International Marine Club

AIDA 3 Star Freediver Course Outline

AIDA 3 Star Freediver Course Outline

The course is more intense with 3 theory sessions (these maybe condensed), 2 pool sessions and 4 open water dives but will build your confidence in freediving allowing you to independently plan and participate in freediving activities.

The cost of the course is 2518 AED

To read more about the course click HERE