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3000 AED

Freediving tour to Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol, the city on the southern coast of Cyprus, is known for its beaches, fascinating sights, warm transparent sea, and beautiful nature. And that’s great, but for divers, the most attractive are sunken ships that are located not so far from the sea surface, as well as a variety of underwater flora and fauna. This is one of the most magnetic places on the planet for those who enjoy diving and want to have an awesome time under water. A trip to Limassol promises excellent conditions for diving. And in free time sandy beaches, developed infrastructure, and magnificent nature are at your service.

Limassol, Cyprus
17 Jun - 23 Jun
Organized Trips

Dives are made to a depth of 100 meters, visibility underwater is usually 20-30 meters. Our experienced instructors will conduct with you all the necessary training, will teach breathing practices and help you learn or practice any skills in freediving. After the preparatory breathing exercises and stretching on the beach, we are ready for a training dives. Dives are conducted into several stages.

On the first day, dives will be made not far from the coast on relative shallow depth.

Then, on the second day, we will take the boat farther from the coast in order to get a better depth. The attractiveness of Cyprus for divers is difficult to overestimate - because over the centuries, for various reasons, many ships sank here and today the coastal underwater world has turned into an amazing space, enchanting the mysterious silhouettes of ships and attracting divers with its mystical secrets and indescribable beauty.

During the trip, one of the most interesting places to visit is the Zenobia ferry that sank in 1980 - the third day is dedicated to this journey. This is one of the most intriguing and mysterious sights in Cyprus, the fate of which is often compared with the fate of Titanic. The Swedish cargo ferry, for reasons that are still unclear, has sunk and is now lying at the bottom of Larnaca Bay. Zenobia lies at the bottom about 42 meters from the surface of the water - the ferry is among the ten best wreck diving sites in the world. Of course, divers from all over the world are eager to visit this place and see it with their own eyes.

Zenobia is available for diving for novice divers, but also an interesting challenge for experienced divers. Along the starboard side, diving to a depth of up to 16 meters is possible. More difficult is to dive inside the upper car deck and accommodation block. And the lower car deck and engine room are available only for very experienced divers and are absolutely not recommended for beginners.

Besides the amazing freediving experience, you will also have a great time in the city and the surrounding villages with magnificent vineyards and gardens. In addition to the underwater beauty that you have a chance to explore, Limassol is known for other tourist attractions. Such as the beautiful promenade of Limassol, on which it is so pleasant to walk on cool summer evenings, the Castle of Limassol, which today houses Cyprus Medieval Museum, Prokymea Sculpture Park, as well as the old part of the city, where it is so nice to sit in a restaurant or cafe in the evening after a whole day of diving. Day four is completely devoted to rest in the bay of Aphrodite, where everyone can make a wish at a special stone. A walk to the salt lake is scheduled for the fifth day. The sixth day is an excellent pastime on the white stones of Alaminos beach "Secret Paradise". The seventh day, the day of farewell - after diving in the morning we celebrate the end of the course in the famous Limassol restaurant Ta piatakia.

Cyprus Freediving Trip

On a trip you will be accompanied by the best instructors. And from the experience of previous trips, we can say that the company is always friendly and pleasant to talk to. In a few days of the tour you will see the stunning beauty of the underwater world with sunken ships that have already become home to a variety of marine life, as well as enjoy a holiday in one of the most fascinating corners of the globe.

The course includes:

  • The 2-3-wave certification on the Molchanovs system;
  • 6 days of training diving for certified divers;
  • a trip to the sunken ferry "Zenobia";
  • training sessions on land;
  • weights and weight belt.


The cost of this trip is 3000 AED.

The price does not include the cost of air travel, accommodation and meals in Limassol, freediver equipment.


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We look forward to freediving with you.

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