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Freediving UAE founded and maintains AIDA UAE to be an active Full Affiliated National Member of AIDA International Assembly since 2011.

We set up AIDA UAE because:

  • the UAE has a history of freediving (pearl diving) which is in every Emirati’s blood;
  • we would like to organize a UAE national team and compete internationally;
  • we would like to host AIDA International and National competitions;
  • it would improve the credibility of freediving within the UAE.


AIDA UAE has the following goals:

Connect to the UAE heritage of Freediving

  • Promote and develop Freediving aligned to UAE vision;
  • Use Freediving to attract visitors to the UAE;

Put the UAE on the International Freediving map

  • Remain active Full Affiliated National Member of AIDA International Assembly;
  • Organize national and international meetings and competitions within the UAE;
  • Create and send a UAE Freediving Team to AIDA competitions;
  • Acting as the sole body with the responsibility for selecting a UAE National Team for international AIDA competitions (both team and individual);
  • The recognition and registration of records and achievements for the various disciplines of freediving within the UAE as well as freediving national records of UAE citizens;
  • The development of recreational (leisure) Freediving within the UAE, setting the UAE as a freediving destination on an international level;
  • The assurance of cross-border communication between practicing members.

Create Freediving as a popular sport

  • Train freedivers to AIDA standards;
  • Attract world class Freediving coaches;
  • Ensure high standards of freediving instruction;

Get Freediving recognized in the UAE

  • Gain funding & sponsorship for Freediving within the UAE;
  • Gain stakeholder support for Freediving within the UAE;
  • The development and enhancement of media presence nationally and internationally;
  • The development of sponsorship opportunities for athletes, events and organizations in the freediving world that may have direct or indirect reflection on the UAE.

Maintaining safety standards for Freediving within the UAE

  • The development and monitoring of safety standards for Freediving within the UAE;
  • The development of a system of reciprocity for various existing forms of education within the UAE;
  • The standardization of regulations in regard to education, competitions and records within the UAE as well as freediving national records of UAE citizens that is compliant with UAE culture and heritage, as well as providing such compliance on an international level based on mutual agreements with the organizers of such international events and activities within and outside the UAE.

Be Sustainable

  • Minimize our impact on environment;
  • Protect current natural resources.



Eligibility for Membership

To be eligible to be admitted as a Member of AIDA UAE, an entity and/or individual must be a citizen and/or resident of the UAE with a valid Freediving certificate of any level. The individual shall be 18 years of age or over. Athletes and AIDA judges from countries with no AIDA National, according to the AIDA rules.


Admission of New Members

An individual who desires to become a member of AIDA UAE must:

  • Create account at AIDA International and select AIDA UAE as AIDA National Membership;
  • Create account at Freediving UAE, fill all details and agree to the membership terms and conditions;
  • Upload following documents to Freediving UAE account details section:
    • Emirates ID (if citizen and/or resident of the UAE);
    • Passport;
    • Visa (if not UAE citizen);
    • Freediving Certification;
    • Sign a liability release form;
    • Sign a Medical form.
  • Pay annual Membership fee.


The Executive Board shall review those documents and application of membership and reply to it (Membership Decision) with acceptance or otherwise within reasonable period of time.

The Assembly may terminate any Member whose actions violate Statutes, breach other rules or regulations of AIDA UAE, or are damaging to the reputation or interests of AIDA UAE. In the event of such termination, any membership fees that have already been paid will remain with AIDA UAE.


Member fees

Member fees shall be paid in the beginning each year; for 2023, Member fees shall be AED 190. Failure to do annual payment will give AIDA UAE administration the right to cancel the membership.



You can view the list of current active members along national records on official AIDA International website: