Underwater Photoshoot Packages

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Create lasting memories and share your story. Choose the package that suits your personal narrative and get ready to outshine the depths with your captured highlight reel.

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Capture the Thrill of the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup with Our Underwater Photoshoot Packages!

Compete in the annual Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup, the ultimate stage where your freediving skills take center stage. Whether you’re pushing your limits in the pool or braving the depths, each breath-taking moment deserves to be captured. Our variety of Underwater Photoshoot Packages provide professional. Of Course social media-ready content featuring you, the freediving athlete at the heart of the action.

This personalized photography session. Regardless of the number of disciplines you’re involved in, our team ensures no moment goes undocumented. From the intense concentration in athletes’ expressions to the dynamic action in the water, our goal is to immortalize these experiences through high-quality photos and videos.

Underwater Photoshoot STARTER PACKAGE (300 AED)

Plunge into the action of the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup with our Starter Pack. While you concentrate on your performance across a variety of pool and depth disciplines. We’ll make sure to get those spectacular underwater shots that showcase your skill and determination.

You’ll receive:

  • 5 Unique, Professional Photos: Carefully selected and edited to highlight your best moments during the dives.
  • 1 Stunning Video Clip: Immaculately crafted, offering a dynamic glimpse of your freediving prowess, perfect for sharing with your friends and followers.

Underwater Photoshoot BASIC PACKAGE (500 AED)

Experience the excitement of competing in one of the esteemed events and leave it to us to immortalize your participation.

With the Basic Pack, you get:

  • 8 Professionally Edited Photos: We capture the essence of your dedication and the intensity of your competition.
  • 2 Engaging Video Clips: Crafted to convey the story of your freediving adventure, these are ideal for reliving the experience and sharing it on any platform.

Underwater Photoshoot FULL PACKAGE (1000 AED)

For those who are all-in on the Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup challenge and want a comprehensive remembrance of their efforts. The Full Package doubles up on the memories.

You will receive:

  • 10-15 Pro-Edited Photos: A more extensive collection to choose from, ensuring no pivotal moment goes uncaptured.
  • 4 High-Quality Video Clips: These clips will not only celebrate your athletic feats but also the spirit of the AIDA Cup series – perfect as a keepsake or for impactful social media stories.

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Underwater Photoshoot Packages

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