Best Dive Splash Open Back Bodysuit


AED 900.00

Long sleeve with open back design looks fashionable while providing element protection for warmer climates!

Shiny Smooth-skin exterior.

Super-stretch lycra interior.

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Are you a passionate freediver looking for a stylish and practical wetsuit? Look no further than the Best Dive Splash Open Back Bodysuit!
Made from 2mm Yamamoto 39 neoprene. Best Dive Splash Open Back Bodysuit stylish wetsuit offers the same natural element protection while allowing for true unrestricted movement.

The cheeky bottom cut and open back design show off your figure while still protecting you from the sun and chill. The SCS Shiny Smooth-skin exterior gives you a sleek finish and added comfort. While the interior is designed with super-stretch lycra to provide convenience in dry donning and extra durability.

Whether you’re an amateur, pro, or hobbyist freediver, this bodysuit from Best Dive is just what you need to take your next dive to the next level!
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this incredible suit.

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Gender: Women

Thickness 2 mm

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