Dynamic Nord Freediving Duffle Bag LDB-75

AED 835.00

Dynamic Nord Freediving Duffle Bag LDB-75 with welded seams, water resistant zip and TPU cover. It contains a watertight and removable inner compartment, with taped seams and water-resistant zip.

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Meet the Dynamic Nord Freediving Duffle Bag LDB-75 – the quintessential companion for any avid freediver.

Meticulously engineered to accommodate the nuances of freediving gear storage. Dynamic Nord Freediving Duffle Bag LDB-75 medium-sized duffle epitomizes sturdy design with its resilient TPU body.

Surpassing the norms with its superior water-resistant zipper feature. The Duffle Bag LDB-75 promises to keep your equipment free from water damage in most environments. Ideal for organizing, this duffle comes equipped with a detachable inner dry compartment. Meticulous in its construction with taped seams and a dedicated water-resistant zipper. All designed to protect your most critical items.

Transporting your gear is a breeze with the bag’s flexible backpack carry system. Fashioned for ease and comfort as you transition from land to sea.

Designed to appeal to the practical needs and spirit of discovery in every freediver. The Dynamic Nord Freediving Duffle Bag LDB-75 stands as a testament to form and functionality. Don’t just travel with your gear give it the protection and convenience it deserves.

Key Features:

  • TPU Body: The tough thermoplastic polyurethane material is at the core of the bag’s design, offering both flexibility and durability to withstand the challenges of freediving gear storage.
  • HF Welded Seams: High-frequency welded seams create a tight bond that enhances the bag’s strength and ensures that your gear remains secure and protected from water ingress.
  • Water-Resistant Zipper: Each zipper on the bag is crafted for resistance against water, providing an extra layer of security against the elements, and keeping your belongings dry.
  • Detachable Inner Dry Compartment: Organize and protect your valuables within a separate dry section that features taped seams and its own water-resistant zipper, ensuring even your smallest items stay dry.
  • Flexible Backpack Carry System: Designed with the mobile freediver in mind, this duffle quickly transforms into a backpack thanks to its adaptable straps, complete with DN D-ring for added versatility.
  • Fast Access Zipper Outside Pocket: For items you need in a hurry, like keys or a phone, the easily accessible outside pocket saves time and frustration, without compromising the integrity of your gear’s protection.
  • Water Resistance Level – IPX 6: Rest easy knowing that your gear is safeguarded with a high level of protection from water, as the bag meets the robust IPX 6 standard for water resistance.

Product Details

Weight    1,88 kg

Dimensions 33 x 35 x 67cm

Volume 81 L