Full Freediving Equipment for Rent

AED 100.00

The Full Freediving Equipment set has everything you need for a perfect underwater adventure. Whether  you’re beginner or advancer freediver, this equipment will keep you safe and prepared for any situation.

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Full Freediving Equipment:

Elios Double Lined Neoprene Wetsuit  made of high quality, soft and comfortable material. Elios unique stitching technique guarantees unmatched comfort. Traditional freediving wetsuits are made of 2 parts; a jacket with incorporated hood and high waist pants. All  wetsuit come with Apnea Pirates Logo on the back. Neoprene 3mm.

Leaderfins Bifins – Abyss Pro has an efficient design that is sure to give you a competitive advantage.  Сrafted from fiberglass, this top of the line blade is strong, durable and its angle of 20 degrees offers optimal flexibility for depth or dynamic freediving training.

Cressi Superocchio Mask with snorkel -classic freediving mask a huge classic in Cressi masks, it continues to be a favourite among fans even though it has been in production for many years. It’s a small mask with minimum internal volume, very well suited for deep freediving.

Weight Belt is an elastic rubber belt with weights. Weight Belt is an elastic rubber belt with stainless steel buckle and reinforced holes and facilitated inserting weights.

Products for rent can be replaced by others of the same level/class.