Dynamic Nord Freediving Wetsuit

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Yamamoto Grade 39/45 100% CR neoprene

Flex lamination for ultra 4-way stretch

Open Cell- 1.5; 3.5; 5 mm

Antibacterial properties

Double-clip system beaver tail – 2 pc suits

Reinforced knees and rear

Vented hood releases excess air

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Immerse yourself in the depths with the Dynamic Nord Freediving Wetsuit, meticulously crafted for the passionate freediver.

The Dynamic Nord Freediving Wetsuit is constructed from premium Yamamoto 39/45 grade CR neoprene renowned for its superb flexibility and comfort, ensuring maximum performance underwater.

Key Features:

  • Yamamoto Grade 39/45 Neoprene. Revel in the unmatched quality of 100% CR neoprene that offers superior flexibility, fit, and warmth.
  • Ultra 4-Way Stretch Flex Lamination. Experience full freedom of movement with our 4-way stretch outer laminate that stands up to the demands of freediving.
  • Open Cell Neoprene Interior. Designed for snug fit and insulation, the open-cell neoprene hugs your body like a second skin, reducing water flow and keeping you warmer for longer.
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties. Enhanced with anti-bacterial features, the wetsuit stays fresh and odorless longer, ensuring your hygiene and comfort.
  • Low Friction Design. Glide through the water with ease; the suit’s surface minimizes drag, helping to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance your freediving experience.
  • Double-Clip Beaver Tail System. Secure your wetsuit effortlessly with a reliable double beavertail clip fastening system, ideal for quick gear-up and release.
  • Built-in Loading Chest Pad. Protect yourself during spearfishing or line dives with the ergonomically designed, durable chest pad.
  • Reinforced Durability. Tackle the wear and tear with our reinforced knee pads and back coverage, extending the life of your wetsuit.
  • Ventilated Hood. Keep buoyancy in check with the integrated vented hood feature, allowing excess air to escape without water ingress.

The Dynamic Nord Freediving Wetsuit is your trusted companion for all underwater adventures. Its meticulous design emphasizes durability, comfort, and performance, propelling your freediving experience to new heights.

Suit up and dive deep—your underwater exploration awaits.

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Gender      Unisex

Material 1.5;  3.5; 5 mm Yamamoto Grade 39/45 Neoprene

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