Molchanovs Bifin Blade Protection

AED 200.00

Lightweight protection for worry-free travel.



Molchanovs Bifin Blade Protection consists of a pair of removable protective tips for your bifins. They enclose the delicate blades between two lightweight, polycarbonate sheets that are encased in water-resistant Oxford fabric, with additional tip reinforcement to protect the most fragile part of the blade. Tabs placed at the top of the protectors make for easy insertion of the bifin blade and three velcro strips placed at the back of Molchanovs Bifin Blade Protection adhere the protective tips together.

The Bifin Blade Protection is reinforced against impact, especially during transport and against any potential bending of the blade. The water-resistant material means that you can place them directly on your bifins after rinsing without sustaining any damage to the cover.

The Blade Protection is suitable for standard-size fins, so we recommend that you double-check the measurements of your bifin blades for compatibility.

The Bifin Blade Protection pairs perfectly with our lightweight fin bag for easy transport when in transit.

Details and Materials

  • Made from the highest-quality materials
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Three velcro strips that adhere the protective tips together
  • Pull tabs for easy insertion of the blade

Technical specifications

  • Material: Oxford fabric
  • Protective inserts: polycarbonate sheets
  • Dimensions:
    • Short: 35x22cm (13.8×8.7in)
    • Long: 55x22cm (21.7xx8.7in)
  • Weight:
    • Short: 472g (1lb)
    • Long: 706g (1.6lb)