Underwater Photoshoot

AED 2,000.00

Have you ever dreamed of floating in space? An underwater photoshoot is the closest thing in existence so far, with its weightless and ethereal nature – the sensation of posing underwater really feels like a waking dream and your photographs are the proof!



Underwater Photoshoot – Anyone can participate, no modelling or dancing experience necessary!

Underwater Photoshoot are for people of all ages and abilities, male and female, professional dancers to regular people who want to try something extraordinary. Family groups are great fun and a significant change from the boring family portrait.

If you can’t swim, but comfortable in the water, and would like to try an underwater photoshoot, we can help you learn how to pose. There will be a safe, relaxed and friendly atmosphere to support you every step of the way. All our pools have a very shallow end that we can shoot in until you feel comfortable.

No diving certification required to participate, however all participants should be confident in water, and feel comfortable to submerge. For best results we suggest you to rehearse your facial expressions underwater, and practice opening your eyes in the pool or even attend a discover freediving course.

Together we will create beautiful personal artwork and memories that will last a lifetime.

Underwater Photoshoot Location

We shoot in a warm conveniently located in the center of Dubai pool with a shallow and deep parts. In addition, UAE has a huge variety of pools including the deepest in the world – Deep Dive Dubai. Our underwater photographer started as an underwater model herself and will gladly guide you through location selection, choosing perfect outfit, best theme – or perhaps even creating a custom underwater set to make this truly one of a kind. Open Water shooting sessions is done only at East Coast (Fujairah) that is 2 hours drive from Dubai, because water clarity at the West Cost of UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) is very poor.

Standard photoshoot costs 2000 AED and includes:

  • Prior outfit & theme consultation and preparation;
  • 2 hour photoshoot session;
  • 10 x retouched print ready images;
  • Professional underwater makeup*;
  • Full pose & breath-hold coaching;
  • Short Instagram Story Video.

* Make up is purely optional, but we do recommend it as the water does make the skin tones pale and reduces contrast in the eyes and lips. For close up shots it is preferred, even if it’s just eyeliner and lipstick, to bring some color back to your face.