Freedive With Dolphins In The Red Sea On A One-Week Liveaboard Trip This October

Live in the U.K. and jonesing for a freediving trip to the Red Sea and swimming with dolphins? The folks at Freedive-Earth.com might have just the ticket for you this coming October.

Freedive-Earth.com is offering a one-week trip to Hurghada, Egypt where you’ll board the liveaboard Aquastara and sail on it from Saturday, October 1 to Friday, October 7.

You’d be flying out of Gatwick Airport and upon landing in Hurghada would be driven to the Aquastara. The vessel will spend the next six days moored at different places near the 10-km/6.2-mile-long Sataya Reef, which is home to a pod of about 50 spinner dolphins that tend to swim by each day at dawn and dusk.

In addition to the dolphins, you’d also have the chance to see turtles, Eagle and Manta Rays, sharks and a Napoleon Wrass or two. According to Freedive-Earth.com:

“The dolphins are used to human interaction and will most likely allow you to join their pod. being moored at Sataya reef overnight also gives an opportunity to spend time with them without other tour boats being a round. This provides a very personal interaction with them.”

You’ll also have the chance to take freediving courses down to a depth of 40 meters/131 feet, scuba courses (as well as regular scuba diving), daily yoga classes, photography workshops, line fishing and more.

Buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners (with vegetarian/vegan options) and soft drinks are part of the package.

The final night will be spent at an area hotel, which will include the chance to go souvenir shopping in Hurghada, followed by an afternoon return flight to Gatwick.

The whole trip — round-trip airfare from Gatwick included — will run you approximately £1,200/US$1,737/1,533 Euros.

You’ll need to put down a £150/$217/192 Euro deposit when you book your trip with the full balance required by July 31. They’re also offering a possible installment plan.


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