Imagine For A Moment… Freediving At Wakatobi

Imagine for a moment…

Putting on your freediving equipment in the shade on the dock. Quick safety briefing between the partners in the group and then perform an equipment check. You make sure your climbing harness is secure and do a last check on your freedive computer for mode and time/depth alarms.

You and your partner grab an underwater scooter as do the other buddy teams. You climb down the ladder into more depth than you’ll use, onto a vertical wall with what seems like unlimited viability. Light rays dance around as the top of the reef is level beside you while you float on the surface breathing up.

You have over 90min of continues burn time on gear four of seven which will last 3hrs with a scooter capable of diving to the depth of a 60 story building and do running speed.

A grand adventure is one inhalation away as you freedive up, down and along a marine preserved wall documenting your experience in almost every direction as you cruise effortlessly and breathlessly.

From 20-23 August 2016 DAN/Rolex Diver Of The Year Kirk Krack and World Champion Freediver Mandy-Rae Krack will be teaching a 4 day Intermediate Freediver Course at the amazing Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia.

You too can join them on a PFI Freediving Expedition that is an ocean gem called Wakatobi.

For more information on the PFI Intermediate Freediver Course and how to book can be found on the Performance Freediving International website. Details on the Wakatobi resort can be found on the Wakatobi website.

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