New Freediving Digital Online Logbook Launched

There is a new digital online logbook on the block, this time targeted at Freedivers.

Called APPNEA it’s free and designed to be available on any type of device – whether it is you phone, tablet or computer. It captures all the basic information on a Freedivers dive including Date, Location, Freediving Discipline, Depth, Equipment, etc…

It also supports Facebook accounts to register and login, and the developer promises more social features soon to be able to share your dives with your friends.

According to the develop, features include:

- Multi device logbook for freedivers
- Completely free
- Platform and data are hosted in the Google cloud
- APPNEA is built around the concept of Dive Session and Dives. Freediver can create a dive session with global information about it and then can add one or more single dive to the session with more detailed data.
- Supports Facebook login access and Facebook sharing of freediver’s perfomrance.
- Shows 3-dimension data graph that reporting depth, time and duration.
- Freediver is able to create custom field both for dive session and dive.
- Support data export in csv format.
- Interested in trying it out? Check it out at https://app-nea-it.appspot.com/

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