Top 10 Health Benefits of Freediving

Free diving is a water sport that requires an immense amount of concentration and physical prowess. Think scuba diving – but without all the equipment. No oxygen tanks, no weight belt – just you, your lungs, and the marine life. There are many physical benefits to the sport, including toning your muscles and strengthening your lungs, but some of the greatest experiences in free diving are conquering the challenges you face and the unique underwater view.

  1. Relieves stress– Ore-diving techniques is very much like yoga, as it puts you in a calm and relaxed mood while still working your body. For the few moments that free divers are underwater they are relieved of all other stress factors. If you’re free diving in the ocean, being surrounded by sea creatures is not only a beautiful sight to behold but also an eye-opening experience. In fact, a 2013 found that free divers had reduced levels of stressand anxiety when compared to non-athletes.
  2. Brings you closer to marine life- Free diving is one of the best activities to partake in when exploring marine life. With free diving, you’re able explore the underwater world without all the extra weight of carrying an oxygen tube and other heavy gear as it is with scuba diving. Because you don’t carry the excess of gear, marine life are more likely to even swim with you, giving you a closer experience to nature.
  • Boosts adrenaline – If you’re an adventure-seeker, you will definitely get your fix in free diving. In fact, one study has shown that free divers have increase levels of adrenalineeven after free diving, giving providing them with a feel-good rush.
  • Improves focus- Free diving is an activity which requires extreme concentration. Diving underwater without any breathing equipment requires divers to be finely attuned to their external surroundings and the internal state of their body. Externally, divers must know how far from the surface they are as well as the marine life surrounding them, while internally, the diver must be aware of his or her limits including when they feel they are running out of oxygen. A slip in attention may be fatal for free divers so it essential that free divers are immersed wholeheartedly in the art of free diving.
  • Therapeutic for the joints – Studies have shown that spending time in and underwater can relieve pressure on the joints and even increase range of motion due to hydrostatic pressure counteracting the usual pressure the body encounters during high impact activities.
  • Strengthen your lungs – Naturally, just as it is with cardio workouts, the more you work your lungs, the stronger they become. In the case with free diving, conditioning your lungs with pre-diving exercise techniques in the short term and long term breathing exercises increases your lungs’ oxygen capacity. This way, you can hold in more air for a longer time.
  • Strengthen muscles – Underwater diving requires the body must contract all its muscles in order to maintain buoyancy, change depth, and even tread water. As you dive deeper into the water, your body will encounter greater water pressure and resistance, thus forcing your body to work harder to get to your desired destination.
  • Boost endurance – The constant movement of your muscles in free diving not only tones your muscles, but also boosts your endurance. Free divers are not merely doing a limited number of sets and repetitions, but are frequently engaging there muscles and exceeding their limits to meet new goals.
  • Teaches discipline – Free diving is not a sport most people can just jump into. In fact, abiding by free diving techniques, including maintaining proper form and knowing your body’s limits, are essential. Not only must you focus on your body and your surroundings, but you must constantly apply and abide by these rules to ensure a safe and proper dive.
  • Pushes you to your limits – Though it is essential to maintain proper discipline in free diving, slowly but surely you will build the confidence and capacity to beat personal records in how long you can hold your breath as well as how deep underwater you go. Breaking personal bests only boost your need to set and achieve more goals.

Source: healthfitnessrevolution

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