Freediver Gift Guide

December is here and that most likely means your holiday shopping deadline is fast approaching. Whether you are wondering what to get the freediver in your life, or you just want to treat yourself this holiday season, I have put together a guide of freediving gifts ideas to get you started.


There are some fantastic snorkels on the market with lots of bells and whistles such as dry or semi-dry. If you are an avid snorkeler, these options are very practical and can make your snorkeling experience much more comfortable. In freediving, the simpler the snorkel is the better. A traditional J snorkel is the best option for a freediver. The minimalism of this type of snorkel reduces the amount of drag as the freediver travels through the water. Since it is required that a freediver remove the snorkel before descending, there is no need for a complicated model.

Rubber Weight Belt

One of the most useful pieces of equipment for me was purchasing my first rubber weight belt. When freediving, as the pressure increases at depth your wetsuit will compress, but a standard SCUBA nylon weight belt does not compress. If you are maintaining the correct vertical position in the water on your dive, this will result in the nylon weight belt slipping down your torso toward your shoulders. It is very frustrating when this happens, especially since you are trying to stay relaxed and focus on your technique. A rubber weight belt can stretch and will fit securely around your hips to avoid this problem. Don’t forget that the correct weight belt placement is below your diaphragm to allow you to take the most efficient breaths possible!

Prawno Apparel

I first discovered this clothing line at DEMA one year. They have such an inspiring backstory and are the perfect choice to outfit your freediving buddy in! The brand is designed after underwater photography and puts recycling at the forefront of their mission. From manta rays, to humpback whales, to sharks and penguins, the selection is awesome and guaranteed to catch the attention of all your dive buddies on the days you spend on dry land.

Save the Waves x Pela Case

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