5 essential rules for freediving this summer!

During the summer season in the  Mediterranean there are always more and more freedivers who go out into the sea to perfect their technique or discover their own limits.

Here are 5 rules for you to take to the sea in the safest way possible:



  1. Before going in the sea always complete at least a level 1 freediving course where, as well as basic
    breathing and compensation techniques, you can also learn the potential risks and dangers of the discipline.
  2. ALWAYS go into the sea with a Diver Alert buoy, with a clearly visible flag which shows that a diver is in the water.

  1. NEVER go in to the water alone. Going into the sea or swimming pool with a buddy makes the discipline safe and working with our training companions makes everything more fun and stimulating.
  2. Before going in the sea always check the weather conditions. Sea which is calm, warm, without currents and with good visibility is optimum for obtaining the best results.
  3. Before starting the training season always carry out a health check.


SOURCE: https://blog.mares.com/5-essential-rules-freediving-summer-2155.html

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