Jeddah International Freediving Tournament 2019

A new event will appear in the world of freediving – Jeddah International Freediving Tournament (JIFT), promising a great spectacle and popularization of this water sport all over the world. Freediving competitions will be held in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from July 11 to July 13, 2019. This event will be held for the first time, but the organizers plan to make it annual.

We hope that this initiative will receive further successful continuation and the event will become a significant sports competition in the region. This is an important step towards the development and popularization of freediving in the GCC countries and around the world.

The competition will be supported by the Saudi General Sport Authority, it is AIDA ranked with world ranking status. The Saudi Water Sport and Diving Federation represents this event and invites everyone to apply for participation. From all applications from different countries, after the sponsorship selection process the organizers will select 20, for which flight and accommodation will be sponsored. 

Competitions will be held in three disciplines: CNF (Constant weight without fins), CWTB (constant weight bi-fins), and CWT (Constant Weight). The training platform will be prepared for athletes from July 6, and later two official dates for training will be announced.

The organizers announced such competition prizes:

– 1 place (CWT and CWTB combined) – EU 4,500

– 2 place (CWT and CWTB combined) – EU 3,400

– 3 place (CWT and CWTB combined) – EU 2,250

– 1 place (CNF) – EU 4,500

– 2 place (CNF) – EU 3,400

– 3 place (CNF) – EU 2,250

You can find out more about the official invitation from the Saudi Water Sport and Diving Federation via the link

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