Dynamic with fins (DYN) — New world record by Mateusz Malina

The 6th CMAS Freediving indoor European Championship, organized by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, was held on June 17-23, 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. According to the results of the Championship, a new world record was set. Mateusz Malina from Poland set a record with a 316.53 meter (dive time 05.16 min) Dynamic with Monofin (DYN) swim and won the gold medal in this category.

The second and third places in the category of DYN were taken by Guillaume Bourdila and Mauro Generali with the 284.85 and 276.10 meters, respectively. The AIDA world record in the DYN category is 300 meters and belongs to Mateusz Malina and Giorgos Panagiotakis from Greece. Malina became the first athletes, who continued to move under water, turning near the side of the pool, after reaching the 300-meter mark. For the results of the CMAS Championship, a new record is a significant move forward. Comparing the result with the AIDA record, we see a slight excess, which is nonetheless very significant.

Such progress in comparison with earlier results means the rapid development of freediving as a sport when athletes demonstrate a desire for higher achievements and are able to improve their physical abilities. We look forward to further Championships and will closely monitor the achievements of athletes. Will any freedivers be able to repeat Malina’s achievement? And will the excess of the 300-meter threshold be fixed in the DYN discipline for the following AIDA competitions?

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