Dibba Bay Oysters — a unique oyster farm

Not far from the places of our constant dives in the waters of Fujairah there is a unique place — the underwater farm Dibba Bay Oysters, where edible oysters are being grown. The uniqueness of this project is that initially, the very possibility of its creation was in question. However, the creators of the project showed that with a competent approach it is possible to solve any problem.

Historically, the Middle East was well known for pearl oysters. And for a long time, it was believed that edible oysters (belong to a different species) cannot exist here, because they don’t like high temperatures. In theory, they could not survive in the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf. However, the creators of Dibba Bay Oysters demonstrated that with the right approach everything is possible. They managed to confirm that, with proper care, edible oysters can perfectly exist in the waters of Fujairah, which are characterized by an abundance of food.

In many respects, the result was achieved due to the fact that oysters are grown at a shallow depth, but not far away from extremely deep water. Just in those places, cold deep-sea currents bring with them a lot of plankton. Thanks to this, excellent conditions for the existence of oysters are provided — comfortable temperatures and a lot of food.

Dibba Bay Oysters was founded in 2016, after a series of experiments. The first yield was harvested in 2017. Today, the oysters collected at the Dibba Bay Oysters are appreciated by many gourmets in the UAE; they are praised by the best chefs. And it is not surprising, because the procedure of growing oysters meet all highest international standards. In addition, the whole process happens in clean and bright waters. This area is sparsely populated and the ecology is excellent.

Oysters are not only tasty but also very healthy. Interestingly, they are useful not only for people but also for the environment. After all, oysters purify water, which creates excellent conditions for the existence of many kinds of fish and crustaceans. So, the Dibba Bay Oysters project is not only located in an ecologically clean area but also helps to maintain the cleanliness of this place.

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