AIDA UAE Freediving Pool Competition 2019

We are pleased to announce that the significant event for the world of freediving – AIDA UAE Freediving Pool Competition 2019 was successfully held on November 2 at the Hamdan Sports Complex.

The venue of the competition was chosen with particular care, the multipurpose Hamdan Sports Complex is able to provide all the conditions for holding an international level competition.

AIDA UAE Freediving Pool Competition is an AIDA competition which results are officially ranked. The event was important for the development of freediving both in the UAE and around the world and was supported by the Dubai Sports Council. 

The event was a truly international success! The best athletes of the region and freediving enthusiasts gathered in the UAE to celebrate freediving, still young but actively developing sport. It was attended by 20 athletes from 8 countries, both women and men, who competed in the freediving pool disciplines. There were 40 starts in total and 7 National Records as per AIDA International ranking.

Yuriy - Apnea Pirate By Yuriy - Apnea Pirate Competition