Dubai International Boat Show & Dive Mena Expo 2022

Dubai will once again host a popular event – Dubai International Boat Show & Dive Mena Expo. The show will take place on 8 – 12 March 2022 in Dubai Harbour.

And this year for the first time Freediving UAE will become the Freediving Partner of this significant event, standing in a row with the most respected organizations in the country that will become exhibitors of the Dubai International Boat Show & Dive Mena Expo 2022.

Well-known organizations and brands will take part in the event, presenting their products and services, such as diving equipment and accessories, courses and trainings, and much more. Also, guests of the show will be able to learn a lot of new relevant information and take part in various activities.

Many famous athletes and influential personalities in the world of diving have also already confirmed their participation in the show as speakers. Among them, for example, Ahmed Gabr, who is the owner of the Guinness World Record for the deepest dive.

The organizers plan that the show will be attended by more than 3 000 people. Among them are those who are simply interested in the subject of diving and water sports, and those who already have significant achievements in this area. Guests of the show will be able to learn about new products and innovations in the field of diving, talk with experts and like-minded people and just have a great time.

We are also pleased to announce that Freediving UAE members will be able to attend the show for free. But at the entrance, it will be necessary to present a PADI/AIDA Сard.

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