Must Have Accessories for Every Scuba Diver

Must Have Accessories for Every Scuba Diver

Have you always wondered what treasures the underwater world holds? Well….now you can find out!

As a less physically demanding alternative to Freediving you can try diving with SCUBA (Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) and travel to the aquatic wonderland. With scuba diving you can effortlessly explore the marvels of the marine world and have a longer adventurous experience, but first you need to ensure that you have all the necessary accessories.

Scuba diving enthusiasts describe this adventure as a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can see different species of fish in mesmerizing colours, corals, sea urchins, seahorses, pristine water-borne living creatures and experience peace and tranquillity. So now all nature and adrenaline fanatics or even novices can tick this off on the bucket list and use their next vacation as an opportunity to try out scuba diving.

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10 Must-Have Accessories For Every Scuba Diver

Essential equipment required for scuba diving includes a buoyancy control device, snorkel and a regulator to breathe air underwater. Other accessories that every scuba diver must possess are:

  1. Dry and gear bag

A dry bag is extremely important to store important items like your travel documents, phone, wallet and an extra pair of clothes. The electronically welded seam makes this bag 100% waterproof and if you further want to protect your diving gear, you need to carry a custom-built waterproof dry bag that will help you organize necessary apparatus.

  1. Dive lights

Primarily dive lights are used for night-time diving, but you can also use them as a backup source of light to explore reefs, crevices and interesting objects underwater. Flood lights with two or more beam modes with multiple handles, accessories, spare parts and a carrying case can come handy in every situation.

  1. Surface signalling device

An inflatable tube with a whistle and signalling mirror is one of the best tools used to call fellow divers for help if you think you are lost. You can also use inexpensive tools like multi-coloured sports beacon lights that come with batteries and can be attached to your tank.

  1. Compass

If you want to improve your navigation skills or find your way back to the surface, you can always have a compass within reach. You can easily strap this to your wrist and escape murky waters. Its high luminous dial helps you to see even in low-light conditions.

  1. GPS rescue device

You can ensure maximum safety during your dive with a GPS rescue device. If you need immediate help, all you have to do is activate it and your GPS position will be sent to surrounding boats. A message will also be sent to digital lifeline coordinators and broadcasted on marine radios.

  1. Dive knife and mask

Latest knives with rust proof quality, anti-corroding properties and long-lasting sharp edges can be helpful to free yourself of netting lines or other fibrous materials. You also need a comfortable high quality diving mask to be able to see the breathtaking views underwater. You can use a mask defog to clean lenses regularly.

  1. Tank banger

The rubber band and ball tool might look very simple, but it is very beneficial if you need to quickly grab attention of another diver or signal danger. You can put it on your cylinder and merely pull the band away so that it will stretch and clank on the tank to make a loud noise that will help fellow divers to safeguard each other.

  1. Tool kit

At times, divers may experience certain shortcomings like gear failures, improper fittings or damaged equipment. It is thus advisable to carry backup parts or basic repair tools that can prevent mishaps or at least solve problems temporarily. This set must also contain a first-aid kit for emergencies.

  1. Alternate air source

In an unlikely event, if you or your co-diver is in need of oxygen, you can use an octo reg which will aid in easy breathing. Its durable polymers and safety features are a lifesaver in an out-of-air emergency. You can easily refill tanks with an adapter that comes with a holster and can be attached to your buoyancy control device with a safety leash.

  1. Mouthpiece and clips

Find a comfortable mouthpiece that has a proper grip and fits in your mouth properly, without getting your jaws and lips sore. You also need to secure your equipment with clips and lanyards so that your reels, camera, flashlight or other apparatus parts don’t get misplaced during the dive.

With you can get all diving essentials like – oxygen cylinder with refill adapter, buoyancy control device, face mask with camera stand, swimsuit with fins, gloves and diving shoes, flash light, mouthpiece, safety lights with battery charger, wide-vision anti-fog goggles, compass, log book and a duffel bag to carry it all. Amazon offers the best prices and deals for all products. With coupon codes and offer deals, you can get high-quality products at discounted rates and save more on all your purchases.




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