Biggest aquarium in the Middle East: The National Aquarium

The United Arab Emirates is known for its extraordinary and world-class innovations in different fields. It never lacks new wonders and attractions, and nothing can beat its architecture spirit and dedication to provide luxury and quality.

This year the biggest aquarium in the Middle East is all set to open in Abu Dhabi – The National Aquarium. The aquarium measures 9,000 square meters and will be home to more than 40,000 responsibly- and ethically sourced marine creatures. They will be cared of by a team of 80 sea-life experts and specialist.

It will feature 10 unique themed zones representing diverse geographical regions, from Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea to the Arctic, Amazon, Pacific, and the Mediterranean, which will allow visitors to understand the importance of marine-friendly lifestyle and conservation efforts necessary to protect the Earth. It also includes 60 educational exhibitions to engage and educate young children.

One of the major pillars is the preservation of the UAE’s maritime heritage and visitors will have the opportunity to witness and learn how the local culture and nature live in harmony across the Arabian Gulf.

The National Aquarium will bring in accredited educational programs for the mature fascinated in learning of the marine life. It also aims to be the official rehabilitation center for more that 200 sea turtles.

The aquarium can be found in the Khor Al Maqta region which Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Souk Qaryat Al Beri located.

The opening date is yet to be announced.


Ericka Morillo By Ericka Morillo Facts Travel