Freediving UAE switching to Telegram

As you have noticed Freediving UAE whatsapp group has reached its limit. So we have decided to start using Telegram for Freediving UAE group chat. Telegram is more modern, safer messenger with variety of features.

Telegram limit for the group is 200,000 so let’s fill it up. In order to enter Telegram group, you have to attend any Freediving UAE events, courses, trips and/or trainings.

Telegram group will remain for updates on events, statuses and announcements. As well as casual chats, obviously strictly Freediving related. Be respectful to each other and have fun.

For sometime will still support Whatsapp group, but eventually will move to Telegram entirely.

See you all on board!

Yuriy - Apnea Pirate By Yuriy - Apnea Pirate Events