Underwater photo shoot. Pool vs. Sea

Freediving UAE has in-house professional underwater photographer.

Majority requests for underwater photo shoot involve taking pictures in the open sea. However being underwater for the first time might be a bit tricky for beginners. An underwater model should not only be able to hold his/her breath for a few seconds but also pose for the camera in the meantime.

Let’s compare underwater shoot in the pool and ocean/sea.

The pool helps to adapt to the underwater environment, it has a few advantages:

  • clear and calm water without any currents and waves;
  • it is important to feel the ground under your feet and the pool serves this purpose;
  • is is much safer for the first shooting in clothes, especially in a long dress;
  • it is easier to perform a few test dives to get used to the keep your eyes open underwater without a nose clip;
  • it is easier to float calmly on the surface for breath up and recovery breathing;
  • all of the above points will help you to have a better control over your breathing muscles that is essential for a good underwater photo;
  • pool is a controlled environment where it is easier to arrange any artistic set up.

Underwater photo shoot

Shooting in the open sea is much more challenging:

  • currents and waves make it more difficult to relax before and after the dive, reducing the dive time and making posing very hard;
  • visibility is often poor;
  • wearing a dress or other clothes makes it difficult to move in the water;
  • clothes underwater become heavy and it is difficult to move in them even for the experienced swimmers;
  • it hurts to open the eyes in salt water. in addition when salt water enters your nose it also causes severe irritation;
  • relaxation of facial muscles in salt water, especially around the eyes, achieved through many trainings’ sessions;
  • open water underwater shooting requires holding your breath for a much longer period of time.

After the first photo session in the pool, you can move on to the shallow part of the reef. For the perfect first photo shoot at sea, we advise you to wear a swimsuit with long fins and a mask. This makes it easier to move underwater and gives more time to take a photo.

Together with us, you will safely learn how to exhale underwater and take the best pose for the photo. Just after a few dives, you will know how to properly move and pose underwater, and you’ll get the best artistic photo anyone can imagine!