Get ready for the Fazza Championship for Freediving 2023 – Updated

Freediving UAE fans are in for a treat since the dates of the Fazza Championship for Freediving 2023 have been announced! The championship will take place from the 6th to 12th of March 2023.

The Fazza Heritage Championships have become a global event which brings thousands of participants from different cultural backgrounds together to showcase their sporting skills in traditional disciplines. Under the direct patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, these championships receive enthusiastic participation not only in UAE but also across other countries worldwide making it an example for heritage being used as a platform that unites modern societies and civilizations.

The Fazza Championship for Freediving is a celebration of the culture and traditions rooted in the UAE, commemorating courageous divers that would bravely dive in treacherous waters to source precious pearls. These lifestyle-defining resources provided an invaluable income to many generations before us – inspiring this championship as homage to their legacy!

Fazza Championship for Freediving is an exciting challenge that has elements of conventional Static disciplines from AIDA and CMAS where athletes are trying to hold their breath for maximum time with additional unique rules. Divers have to pull themselves underwater and hold the rope at all times – no wetsuits, masks, nose clips allowed! To spice up the challenge even further there are no in water warm-up and a lack of surface protocol requirements. Usually the freediving competition is divided into three categories – the first one caters to professionals while participation in the second and third category is limited to UAE citizens and GCC nationals adults and juniors respectively.

Freediving UAE certainly played an important role in providing the initial infrastructure necessary to grow the freediving sport community here in the UAE. When the Fazza Freediving Championship began, Freediving UAE offered their full support in establishing safety and rescue procedures to help administer a successful first events.

Freediving fans had to wait an extra year for the Fazza Freediving Championship, as the 2022 edition was cancelled, but now have something to look forward to – the dates for Freediving 2023 have been announced! Taking place from the 6th until the 12th of March 2023, this long-awaited event most probably will follow the formula of previous years’ championships with a few days dedicated to training and qualifying rounds before the finals on the last day. 

The Fazza Championship for Freediving is always an exciting event, based on recent years results 2023 edition looks especially achievable to new participants. So this competition promises to be a thrilling experience, with exciting prizes at stake.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on the upcoming Fazza Championship for Freediving as they become available!


as of 16.02.2023:

The Fazza Championship for Freediving has moved venue to Deep Dive Dubai and is set to bring a new level of excitement to the competition. For the first time, instead of the Hamdan Sports Complex which housed the Fazza Championship for more than a decade, Deep Dive Dubai will host the event. With a record-breaking depth of 60 meters, Deep Dive Dubai is the world’s deepest and largest underwater attraction in Dubai, allowing participants to find greater experience than ever in an unrivalled setting worthy of The Fazza Championship for Freediving.

Deep Dive Dubai is a venue inspired by the United Arab Emirate’s rich pearl-diving heritage of the past, aligns with the spirit of Fazza Championship for Freediving. An event that focuses on freediving, Fazza Championship celebrates culture and history while encouraging a spirit of community and competition amongst participants. Deep Dive Dubai continues this tradition, enabling participants to experience an age-old practice among some of the clearest waters in the world.

Learn more about Deep Dive Dubai.

Championship and Training Dates

Contestants in the upcoming Championship are invited to begin their preparations beginning on 07/03/2023 and continue through 10/03/2023. Training will occur each afternoon, from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM – an excellent opportunity for them to hone their skills before the big day!

The grand championship, kicking off on Saturday 11/03/2023 and culminating in a decisive finale on Sunday 12/03/2023. Both events will start at 3PM sharp!

Participating Categories

Participating categories for the event have been established, offering an exciting range of options:

  • Championship for Freediving for young UAE citizens and GCC nationals
  • Championship for Freediving for amateur UAE citizens and GCC nationals
  • Championship for Freediving for Professionals

Registration Terms

  1. The registration period for the championship begins at 1:00 PM for both the qualifying round and the final.
  2. Participants must present a valid passport or government-issued ID to the registration team to complete the registration process.
  3. Only amateur players who are citizens of the UAE or GCC nationals are eligible to participate in the championship.
  4. The youth category, open to participants aged 13 to 15 years old (born in 2008, 2009, or 2010), is also available for UAE citizens and GCC nationals.
  5. Each contestant must sign the Registration Application, Release of Liability, and Doping Undertaking forms prior to participating in the championship.
  6. Parents or legal guardians of contestants under the age of 18 must also sign the registration form and take responsibility for their child’s participation in the championship.

Some Rules for Fazza Championship for Freediving

  1. Contestants must be present on the first day of the championship. Failure to attend the preliminary qualifiers will result in disqualification.
  2. The organizing committee reserves the right to exclude any participant who violates the rules and regulations of the championship or fails to comply with the directives of the championship organizers. Such decisions made by the committee are final and binding.
  3. In the event of a grievance, the Organizing Committee will review and decide on the matter as deemed appropriate. The decision of the Organizing Committee is final.
  4. The health and fitness of the contestant to participate in the championship is their sole responsibility. The championship organizer will not be held liable for any accidents,
    injuries, or resulting consequences.
  5. Entry and exit from the championship area (swimming pool) must be made through the designated point determined by the technical committee. Any contestant who exits
    from a different point may have their results cancelled or face further action as determined by the committee.
  6. The timing of the championship begins when the last part of the contestant’s body enters the water and ends when any part of their body exits the water.
  7. Contestants must hold onto the rope while diving and any instance of letting go of the rope will result in their result being disqualified as it signals that they have encountered a problem.
  8. If a contestant faints and requires intervention from the rescue or ambulance team during the championship, their result will be disqualified, and the committee will decide on the matter.
  9. Immediately after completing the dive, contestants must stay afloat with their head above water for one minute, whether in the qualifiers or in the final. Any instance of fainting requiring intervention from the rescue team or ambulance will result in their result being disqualified, even if they are holding onto the rope.
  10. The use of glasses, fins, gloves, diving gear, or a watch is prohibited.
  11. In the event of a tie in timing, a tie-breaker round will be held following the same championship system.
  12. All contestants will be subject to a doping test and any violation, such as the use of prohibited substances or failure to complete the test, will result in disqualification of their results. The organizing committee reserves the right to impose penalties for such incidents.
  13. Prizes will only be awarded once the final results of the doping test are released and in accordance with the regulations set by the International Anti-Doping Agency and the International Federation of Marine Sports (CAMS). The organizing committee may enforce their own decisions and penalties if necessary.
  14. All contestants must use the championship smartwatch provided by the organizing committee and exchanging it with others is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply may result in appropriate action taken by the committee.
  15. Contestants must seek permission from the referee before leaving the designated assembly point (rest area).
  16. Contestants participating in the qualifiers will have a warm-up period of five minutes both in and out of the water, while a similar five-minute period will be allowed in the finals. The organizing committee reserves the right to modify this period as deemed necessary.
  17. Contestants must arrive at the designated time and lane and complete their warmup within the specified time frame. Failure to do so may result in measures taken by the organizing committee.
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