Freediving UAE’s underwater photographer taking home the second place award at Digital Online 2023

At the digital underwater photography competition of the United Arab Emirates Diving Association DIGITAL ONLINE Awards 2023, Jenny Rehush, resident underwater photographer of Freediving UAE took second place in the “Creative underwater photo” category.

The DIGITAL ONLINE underwater photography competition is designed to develop human interaction with the underwater environment, emphasize the beauty of its flora and fauna, and discover new promising underwater photographers at the local and international levels.

“This is the second time I’m participating in the Digital online underwater photography and film competition and for the first time my photo took second place” says Jenny Regush. — This is one of many photos from the “Underwater Breakfast” series, taken during the Dubai International Boat Show 2023. I was there as a member of the Freediving UAE team, along with Australian mermaid Carly Athawes, who took off her mermaid tail for this photoshoot. After finishing our morning coffee we had another cup of coffee for our “Underwater breakfast”.

Reading about underwater photography, you may come across stories that emphasize the challenges of capturing breathtaking moments, that is mainly referred to majestic creatures such as sharks, whales, and other marine life. However, working with professional mermaid Carly Athawes, proofs that stunning underwater images can be captured in just half an hour. This underwater photoshoot took place at a unique venue, a pool with glass wall, so that Boat Show visitors could watch the process. It’s important to state that taking picture through the glass wall is not considered underwater photography, however everyone was interested in how you can drink coffee or eat croissant underwater”

The DIGITAL ONLINE 2023 underwater photography competition celebrated its fourteenth anniversary this year. It was introduced by the UAE Diving Association (EDA) in 2009 for local photographers, and since 2012, underwater videographers can also take part in the new one. Digital Online goal is to keep our underwater world visible, demonstrating its hidden beauty and importance to all life on Earth through the power of its ecosystems.

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