AIDA Launches New Competition Safety Training Course: Elevating Freediving Standards

The International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA), known for its significant contribution to freediving, has taken a big step forward with the launch of its updated AIDA Competition Safety Training Course. For both experienced freedivers and newcomers, this launch signifies more than just an ordinary addition to the roster. It symbolizes a significant moment in the relentless pursuit of safety, excellence, and unwavering passion that characterizes the sport.

Strengthening the Foundation of Safety

The backbone of any competitive endeavor in freediving lies in ensuring the safety of its participants. The depths of the ocean, while breathtakingly beautiful, demand utmost respect and caution. By its very nature, competitive freediving pushes the boundaries of human capability to explore the unknown, highlighting the critical importance of maintaining a strong foundation of safety.

This new training course epitomizes AIDA’s unwavering commitment to equipping its athletes with the most robust safety protocol in any competitive setting. With a focus on eliminating accidents and offering a uniform stream of safety knowledge, the course delivers a curriculum designed to uphold the best practices in the sport.

Detailed Course Overview

AIDA Competition Safety Freediver by Vertical Blue Professional Safety Freediver® comprises several sets of courses, each tailored to specific competencies and environments. In embracing a multi-tiered structure, the program offers the flexibility to focus on pool or depth competitions.

The AIDA Pool Competition Safety Diver Course

In this course, Safety divers will become familiar with all aspects of pool competitions, mastering rescue techniques tailored for the pool environment. The curriculum fosters an understanding of the specific risks associated with pool events and culminates in certification for those who exhibit proficient skills meeting AIDA standards.

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The AIDA Depth Competition Safety Diver Course

The Depth Competition Safety Diver Course prepares participants to become certified AIDA Depth Competition Safety Freedivers. These skilled individuals are trained to provide safety at a depth of 20m, with a maximum standby time of 20 seconds in AIDA depth events limited to 80m depth announcements. Participants are immersed in scenarios that simulate the unique challenges of these competitions, equipping them to uphold safety standards in all circumstances.

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The AIDA Advanced Depth Competition Safety Diver Course

This advanced course certifies participants as Advanced AIDA Depth Competition Safety Freedivers, enabling them to provide safety at a maximum depth of 30m with a standby time of 20 seconds. There are no depth limitations in all AIDA depth events. The course aims to refresh theory and practical skills from the base level, with a specialized safety instructor. It delves deeper into various topics and techniques, discussing nuances involved in the role of an experienced safety diver. The course also emphasizes physical tests, safety drills, and video reviews. Prerequisites include having 200 experience points.

Envisioning a Safer Competitive Realm

The implementation of AIDA’s experience point system allows new Safety Divers in freediving to build their careers in a competitive environment. This system values practical knowledge and recognizes experience, opening doors to new opportunities. Certified AIDA Competition Safety Freedivers can accumulate experience points by being official safeties in AIDA competitions. In the future, only certified AIDA Competition Safety Freedivers will be eligible to participate in AIDA competitions. The level and number of experience points will be considered when selecting safeties for events like the AIDA World Championships. This ensures a dedicated and skilled safety network that prioritizes the well-being of freedivers worldwide.

Accumulating Experience Points

To objectively measure and recognize the expertise of AIDA Safety Divers, a new experience point system has been established, mirroring the framework used for AIDA Judges. At the heart of this system lies a transparent and structured way to accrue credits through active participation in AIDA-sanctioned events. These points are pivotal for Safety Divers aiming to qualify for more prestigious competitions.

Experience points are earned based on the roles and duties performed by Safety Divers during competitions. There are two primary classifications in the AIDA competition announcement system: “Performance Zone Safeties” and “Warm-up Zone Safeties.”

Progression Path for AIDA Pool Competition Safety Freedivers

Becoming an AIDA Pool Competition Safety Freediver involves a structured progression to build competence and confidence. To start, individuals must complete the Pool Competition Safety Diver Course for basic certification. Afterwards, divers can accumulate experience points by serving as safety in AIDA pool competitions. Freediving UAE presents a fantastic opportunity with their regularly organized Apnea Pirates AIDA Cup. This event provides a platform for passionate freediving enthusiasts to showcase their skills and devotion in both pool and depth events. It also offers an opportunity for Judges and Safeties to gain valuable experience and enhance their rankings.

Safety experience is recognized through 4 experience levels, based on the achieved experience points. To achieve the highest experience level (Level A), a safety must also be approved by the AIDA Sport Officer, following the recommendation of the AIDA Safety Committee.

• Pool Safety level D: 100 competition points

• Pool Safety level C: 200 competition points

• Pool Safety level B: 300 competition points

• Pool Safety level A: 400 competition points & Approval by the AIDA Sport Officer based on the AIDA Safety Committee recommendation.

Progression Path for AIDA Depth Competition Safety Freedivers

Just as with pool safety divers, AIDA provides a hierarchical pathway for depth competition safety freedivers to advance. This path ensures that divers develop the expertise and confidence required to ensure safety in even more challenging environment of depth competitions. Safety experience is acknowledged by reaching four experience levels, which are determined by the accumulated experience points. By acquiring a total of 200 experience points, individuals become eligible to enroll in the AIDA Advanced Depth Competition Safety Freediver course.

• Depth Safety level D: 50 competition points

• Depth Safety level C: 100 competition points

• Depth Safety level B: 150 competition points

• Depth Safety level A: over 200 competition points & Upon successfully completing advanced course, students will be certified as AIDA Advanced Depth Competition Safety divers.

The next step is becoming a certified Advanced Depth Safety Instructor involves meeting specific requirements. These include holding an AIDA Instructor certification, obtaining an Advanced AIDA Depth Competition Safety Freediver certification, accumulating 400 competition points, and gaining approval from the Education Officer, which is based on the recommendation of the AIDA Safety Committee.

The AIDA Depth Safety Instructor holds the esteemed role of certifying AIDA Advanced Depth Competition Safety freedivers. This certification gives them with the authority to teach and lead the next generation of safety experts in the freediving community. The stringent requirements ensure that only the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals take on this pivotal position, fostering a culture of safety and excellence in depth freediving competitions.

Joining the Ranks of Safety Pioneers

The earlier one embarks on the path to becoming a certified AIDA Competition Safety Freediver, the earlier they can begin to accumulate valuable experience points. This not only signifies progression within the safety ranks but also amplifies the opportunity to participate in higher-level competitions. With each event and each point earned, safety divers demonstrate their commitment to the sport and their dedication to maintaining rigorous safety standards — a true testament to the evolution of the competitive freediving landscape.

For those committed to the advancement of freediving and the well-being of its community, there’s never been a better time to take action. Elevate your skills, contribute to the culture of safety, and join an elite group of professionals dedicated to the sport. Enroll in the AIDA Pool Competition Safety Course or AIDA Depth Competition Safety Course today and become part of an esteemed network leading the charge in freediving safety. Your journey towards becoming a safety pioneer begins with a click. Take the plunge — secure your spot now and solidify your role in shaping a safer realm for freedivers around the globe.

As the trusted organizer of AIDA freediving competitions, Freediving UAE has set aside funds to offer financial assistance as exclusive discounts for this course. We are committed to supporting aspiring freedivers and ensuring their access to quality training opportunities. If you are interested in determining your eligibility and obtaining further information regarding the terms and conditions, please send your Freediving resume to contactus@freedivinguae.com


AIDA’s new competition safety training course is not just about learning skills. It’s a testament to the dedication to safety that defines the freediving community. It’s a call to ensure the safety of those who dare to dream beyond the ordinary. For certified freedivers, it’s an opportunity to show their commitment to the sport. It’s a chance to take on important roles that influence competitive freediving. Embrace this journey and explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

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