By Yevheniia Rehush

Depth Training Eid Special

We invite all certified freedivers to join us at Depth Training. You can not only spend the weekend in the company of like-minded people and friends, but also get new impressions and improve your practical skills in deep freediving. We always choose the best places to dive and guarantee the excellent organization of the whole …

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AIDA Judge
By Yuriy - Apnea Pirate

AIDA Judge Course

This course provides the knowledge and skills for planning and organisation of AIDA competitions, safety, problems and risks during Practical sessions teach set-ups for competition line measurement and coding, safety procedures and a refresh on latest rescue techniques. Students learn to act as a judge in the training scenarios or in actual competition. By successfully …

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By Yuriy - Apnea Pirate

Dry Equalization

This is a dry session where we will learn and practice stretching, breathing, relaxation and equalization exercises. We will be moving and lying down, so have a comfortable sports cloth (warm cloth during winter).

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By Yuriy - Apnea Pirate

Depth Training at Deep Dive Dubai

Get a package of 5 dive sessions by discounted rate and enjoy a payment hassle-free experience. Track balance the native capabilities of Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Redeemable during 5 month period. We bring you regular depth training in Deep Dive Dubai, with a special rate for certified divers. Polish your skills in optimal conditions …

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