Apnea Pirates Membership

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Apnea Pirates

Apnea Pirates is home to a close-knit, active freediving community of Freediving UAE, united by a passion for freediving and water.

Goals & Vision

The Apnea Pirates community is an incredible opportunity for freedivers to come together, relax and have fun while exploring the underwater world and yourself. Our goal is to create conditions that allow the community to develop and grow, while also making freediving more accessible, enjoyable and safe. With initiatives such as affordable regular practices and social gatherings, sharing knowledge and resources, unique educational opportunities and experiences, discounts and offers. Apnea Pirates are helping spread and foster a love of freediving throughout the UAE. So if you’re interested in learning, or brushing up on your skills, Apnea Pirates are here to make it a convenient and safe journey.

Ethos & Culture

Apnea Pirates was founded with core values and principles centered on culture and community. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect those representing our brand to do the same. Here are our ten core values we promote in our community:

  1. Apnea Pirates is a merit-based organization. Members are 100% responsible for their own performance and growth.
  2. Obstacles promote growth. Progress cannot be made in the comfort zone.
  3. Apnea Pirates has a “No Flex Zone” environment. It’s a place where everybody is just being themselves, vibin’ out and having a good time. We’re having fun. It’s a no bullshit zone. It’s a zone where no one is being extra.
  4. The “Buddy system” is always in effectю.
  5. We respect each other, the water, and the sport at all times.
  6. Our mantra is “relax and enjoy”.
  7. Everything we do is to benefit the community, which in turn empowers each individual.
  8. We do not compromise safety standards for the sake of growth or performance.
  9. We foster a welcoming, inclusive environment to meet every individual at their current level of performance, an environment for each individual to grow at their own pace.
  10. We are 100% accountable for our actions and represent the community at all times in and out of the water.

Membership details

Eligibility for Membership

We welcome applications from active freedivers. Our members come from all over the world, united by common values reflected in freediving. We require all individuals interested in membership at Apnea Pirates to align and agree with the above values.

To be eligible to be admitted as a Member of Apnea Pirates, an individual must be 18 years of age or over. 

Membership is granted through an interview, past freediving experience, freediving competence, approach to safety and ethics, willingness to give back to our Apnea Pirates community. 

Admission of New Members

An individual who desires to become a member of Apnea Pirates must:

  1. Have an account at the Freediving UAE website and previously attended Freediving UAE events;
  2. Upload all documents, fill all details and forms at the Freediving UAE website account details section, agree to the membership terms and conditions;
  3. Pay the membership fee;
  4. Agree and Accept Apnea Pirates’ Goals, Ethos & Culture.

Please note that your application will not be processed until this is completed in full.

The Administration shall review those documents and application of membership and reply to it (Membership Decision) with acceptance or otherwise within a reasonable period of time. There is no specific criteria or time period for applicants to be waiting. This will depend on:

  • That you attended Freediving UAE events on a regular basis. A diverse attendance of events is welcomed. The percentage of attendance of each area (course, trips/trainings, DDD, social) should be as even as possible;
  • Where and with whom have you received freediving education and coaching;
  • Freediving approach in an ethical way towards each of the following: Yourself, Your Buddy (Community) and Your Environment (the Ocean)
  • Number of late cancellations or no shows of Freediving UAE events

The Membership fee

The annual membership fee is AED 500. This fee is non-refundable. 

The Membership fees shall be paid in the beginning each year; in case member joins during the year fees remain the same and new year fee is due at the beginning of each year. Failure to do annual payment will give Apnea Pirates administration the right to cancel the membership.

Termination of Membership 

Members can terminate his/her membership any time, however any membership fees that have already been paid will remain with Apnea Pirates.

The Administration may terminate any Member whose actions violate core values, breach other rules or regulations of Apnea Pirates, or are damaging to the reputation or interests of Apnea Pirates. In the event of such termination, any membership fees that have already been paid will remain with Apnea Pirates.

Benefits for Apnea Pirates Members

Administration of Apnea Pirates and our partners have come together to offer the Apnea Pirates Membership discounts on goods and services. Your Apnea Pirates digital Membership card will be required to avail of all discounts. See below for the current participants in the Apnea Pirates Member Discount program.

Welcome Pack

All new members will receive memorable personalized welcome gifts.

Freediving UAE

Applied to products and services provided by Freediving UAE.

MembersNon Memebrs
Equipment SaleUp to 20% Full Cost
Basic Equipment RentFreeAED 50
Courses 20%Full Cost
East Coast Depth Training (Single Entry)AED 250AED 300
East Coast Depth Training (Package 10 Sessions)AED 2,200Not available
Trainings (Single Entry)AED 75AED 100
Trainings (Package 10 Sessions)AED 600Not available
Deep Dive Dubai – Wednesday Training Session (Single Entry)AED 900AED 900
Deep Dive Dubai – Wednesday Training Session (Package 5 Session)AED 3,000Not available
Apnea Pirates Fujairah DenAED 100AED 150
Underwater PhotoshootAED 1,000AED 2,000

Members will benefit from a number of additional special privileges like: Secret sale, Subscriptions and etc.

F & B

Media One Hotel15%
McCafferty’s Al Furjan20%
McCafferty’s Jumeirah Village20%
Dibba Gate15%


Diving Equipment and Services

Members will be able to get discounts for selected items up to 20% directly at our partners outlets. Make sure to present your Apnea Pirates Digital Membership Card.

As of now our partners for diving equipment and services are:

  • Amit International
  • Bermuda Dive Center
  • The Freediver Shop
  • Seabreacher Water Sports

*Please note our partners may change the discount scheme without proper notice.

We are constantly working on expansion of benefits for members.