Honu Neoprene socks


AED 145.00

Honu 2mm neoprene socks will keep your feet toasty enough—so toasty, in fact, that you’ll never want to wander onto dry land again. They’re super comfortable and designed with sea-worthy style, so you can look great no matter what underwater adventures you get into.


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Honu Neoprene Socks are crafted especially for adventurers of the sea! Our 2mm neoprene material will keep your feet toasty and comfortable, making it easier to enjoy your aquatic expedition. They’re also designed with stylish Hawaiian-inspired graphics, so you can look as amazing as you feel in the water.

A pair of Honu socks gives you the freedom to submerge deeper without sacrificing warmth or style. You’ll love these socks so much, it’s possible you won’t want to come out of the water! Whether you’re an amateur or expert freediver, these socks mean no more limits—only endless exploration. So if a deeper dive has been on your wish list, now’s your time: slip into Honu Neoprene Socks and start a revolutionary journey of ocean exploration today.


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