Merman Noseclip for Rent


AED 20.00

High quality freediving nose clip from Merman.

Great for depth disciplines, dynamic, static and swimming.

The nose clip is made of a highly durable mixture of PA Polyamide with high resistance to wear and tear.

Equipped with soft rubber pads for optimized grip and maximum comfort during use and a floating string.



Merman Noseclip is the ultimate accessory for any serious freediver. The ultra durable PA Polyamide provides added safety and protection. The highest resistance to wear and tear so you can focus on conquering your dives instead of worrying about maintenance. While soft rubber pads offer the perfect balance between grip and comfort. The Merman Noseclip also features an ultra lightweight floating string, allowing for increased stability and safety during a dive.

Whether you’re dynamic or static freediving, this specialized nose clip will be your go-to piece of gear from here on out. You can trust that that it’s built to last through every plunge.  With its superior strength and unbeatable design, it won’t let you down. With Merman’s Noseclip by your side, you can push yourself further than ever before in the depths of the ocean floor!

Products for rent can be replaced by others of the same level/class.

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Black, Blue, Red