Molchanovs Rope Pulley

AED 390.00

Molchanovs Rope Pulley  made of fiberglass has now become even lighter, more reliable, more serviceable and safer.

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Freedivers know that having the right equipment is key to a successful dive. Molchanovs is offering an improved and reliable Rope Pulley made of lightweight fiberglass,

Why is it needed?

Rope Pulley lock allows you to set the right setting for each dive without a lot of time which makes diving a safer and more action.

How Molchanovs Rope Pulley works?

Before starting a training, the cable must be passed through the block.

To tilt the rope, there is enough to press on the opposite edge of the swing.

To lift the cable, you need to rest your foot on the carabiner and you can pull it out.

Suitable for 8-12mm thick rope.

Weight – 214 grams.

Care: after sea diving, rinse the block with fresh water and store it away from sun light and open fire.