Salvimar Incredibile Mask

AED 150.00

Salvimar Incredibile Mask with very low volume.



Salvimar Incredibile Mask is a revolutionary piece of freediving technology. That is designed to give you unparalleled clarity and performance on your dives. Featuring innovative co-printed lenses and reduced internal volume. Salvimar Incredibile Mask provides exceptional field of vision that you won’t get with other masks. Additionally, the wraparound silicone skirt with maximum adherence provides a snug fit for all faces without leaving any marks around the eyes. A buckle featuring micrometric adjustment further secures the mask for ultimate comfort. Finally, Incredibile Mask also offers protection from fogging and UV rays, so you can have peace of mind as you explore under the sea!

Whether it’s your first dive or your hundredth, the mask will enable every freediver to make their journey extraordinary.

Experience improved vision and secure fittings – dive into an unforgettable adventure with Salvimar today!

Weight: 60 gr.