Libresub noseclip


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Strong enough for easy equalization
Small enough to fit under the mask

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Libresub noseclip strong enough for easy equalization Small enough to fit under the mask. Hands free equalization has never been so easy.

Are you looking for a tool to help you maximize your freedive performance ? Look no further than the Libresub noseclip – your hands-free equalization solution!

This lightweight but heavy-duty noseclip is specifically designed for freediving. You’ll appreciate its ultra-strong construction for smooth and efficient equalization, plus its small design that fits perfectly under your mask. With the Libresub Noseclip, you can forget the struggle of fumbling to equalize with your hands. Equalize ears and mask with ease – all while remaining fully streamlined!

You’ll experience a new sense of relaxation underwater whether cruising with monofin, styling without fins, or free immersion. Reach greater depths safely while also reducing energy consumption – all aided by the Libresub noseclip. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, choose this reliable and durable product for maximum streamlining and comfort on your next dive trip.

Libresub noseclip is perfect for extra streamlining and relaxation in all forms of apnea.

Designed for you

  • Two sizes to fit every nose
  • Pads align perfectly with your nose
  • Soft pads and minimal pressure required ensure superior comfort for hour on end
  • Sticky pads keep the noseclip on even in roughest of rides

How it works

  • Open and place the noseclip on your nose
  • Pinch closed to allow equalization of ears
  • Equalize a bit harder to let air flow through for mask equalization
  • Pinching power is yours to control, the noseclip will pinch just as hard as you did

Freediving UAE is Libresub noseclip authorized dealer!

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