Molchanovs CORE Freediving Snorkel

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Take your fullest breath.

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Molchanovs CORE Freediving Snorkel is the simple solution you need for comfort and reliability at sea. Created from soft, non-toxic silicone, lightweight, and designed specifically for your favorite underwater sport. Available in both black, white, blue, and pink colors.

Freedivers need snorkels for convenience when swimming at the surface, for relaxation, and for performing proper safety. Freediving snorkels specifically do not include purge valves, splash guards, and stiff materials to allow freedivers to take a full final breath in comfort, maximizing oxygen intake.

Molchanovs CORE Freediving Snorkel are essential for freediving, but not all snorkels are created equal. Choose the snorkel made with freediving in mind, developed by freedivers for freedivers.

Details and materials

  • Material: Soft silicone
  • Weight: 125g (0.28lb)

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Black, Blue, White